I am Tiara...

Answering the question of who you are can sometimes have you reflecting on things such as obstacles that you’ve overcome, and how long it took you to become victorious. How it wasn’t overnight but overnight is where I found my strength. If I can honestly answer this question I would say that I am a masterpiece that allowed God to put her back together piece by piece while mastering peace.

My love for helping others achieve success is the reason there is a TheTiaraJBrand.com my motto is “helping the next woman win”. What winning looks like is helping someone that never knew that they could achieve something execute the very plan that we came up with step by step, with faith, hard work, dedication, and understanding that in order to achieve something you’ve never had you had to do something you’ve never done before. Sometimes that includes believing in yourself, and having that set of confidence that comes with knowing the places you want to go is possible. Helping you go after everything you’ve ever prayer for, hoped and wished for. It’s the Tiara J Way!

When one woman wins, we all win!