I had a vision for women...

I’ve always wanted to bring women together and empower them in such a way that they would leave feeling as if they could accomplish any and everything! I knew that I was called, but I didn’t think that I was ready. You can be called, but if your mindset isn’t ready you won’t be either.In a world filled with women competing with one another instead of collaborating I was stuck. Once I begin to give God my everything I started seeing his hand in everything. I begin building the vision and turning it into fruition. I made the call, and the women CAME! When I became ready God went into gear and shifted my entire world right in front of my eyes.

Creating Women for Vision was a Safe Haven for women to come and just be themselves. No facades, no pride and ego, just come as you are. And each year as the group grew, so did my vision. I wanted so much more for the women in the group. I couldn’t give them more if I wasn’t giving more. I had to clean my house first before I came into their home asking them if I could help them clean up the or space. I had decided to leave a decade long relationship that was going nowhere!! It hurt, but it was necessary. Learning how to leave on your own without someone you’ve depending on forever isn’t easy!! AT ALL! But my daughter’s future was worth it, as well as my sanity, peace, happiness and future!

Once I begin uprooting the weeds from my past relationship, I begin to evolve and blossom into what God needed me to. I am grateful and thankful because now I can give myself, my family, my daughter, the women that I advocate for the real me! Since I began fulfilling my purpose in life I have done so much within the community. From speaking at events, hosting events, interviews, awards, and more!!! What gives me the most satisfaction? Is knowing that every time I open my mouth I am helping the next woman overcome something that she thought she never could! I’m so happy to be in a position to be of service to others. Always believe that it can happen for you. Once you do that give it all to God and watch as he manifest it into your life. Can’t stop, Won’t Stop!