Check on your strong friends. We need love & support too.

Everyone always looks for their strong friend to come to and relax and release to. Don’t get me wrong, I love being that strong friend, but when do I get to run to someone? 

*Que’s Who can I run to by Xscape*

Being the strong friend has its ups and Downs. For instance, if I feel like life is becoming overwhelming I’ll say I’m okay and I’ll put on a face while I’m DYING on the inside. But why do we do that as the strong friend? I’ll tell you why. Us being the strong one we don’t “seem” as if we don’t have it all together. Not wanting to feel as if we aren’t needed anymore or showing signs of weakness or assuming others will loose respect for us or remove us off the pedestal that we’ve placed ourselves on. 

Can I say that you can work on yourself and not be okay while still living your best life? Oh it’s true. It can be done and it is being done. I have seen it happen. Oh yea I’m actually living it as well. I’m not this perfect person, but I can sure as hell smile through the many test and trials that I consistently go through. 

If you have a strong friend or if you are the strong friend I want to share a few ways that can help your strong friend get through those rough obstacles. 

  1. It will get better. Usually the strong friend is the one telling others that things will get better. Take that same advice and give it back to them. A majority of strong friends are visual so if we’re giving the advice than it means we know it’s possible. (Big God Faith ???????) 
  2. It’s okay to cry. Sometimes you have to let it out and just be in the moment. Allow your emotions to get a chance to just let go, release, and flow. Just be in the moment. 
  3. This too shall pass. I know it doesn’t seem like it but the feeling of hurt and pain will be a thing of the past. It just takes some time to get over the emotions and feelings  of hurt. Give yourself time. 
  4. Yes, Superman hurts too. Everyone goes through test. It doesn’t matter how strong you are you will encounter things in life. Of course you will over come and claim victory, but in this trying testing times is when you find your strength and faith.
  5. You are not alone. Just because you’re the strong one doesn’t mean that you have to go through things alone. Allow your friends inside. Show the real you. The vulnerable one that you don’t let out often. God will place people in your life that will call you at 2 in the morning to make sure everything is okay. 

Being the strong friend doesn’t mean that you always have to be strong. It’s okay to let people in. Don’t turn away the ones God sent to your life in order to restore. 

Tiara ?

Good Girlfriends are hard to find. Don’t let go of them. They were Godsent ??❤️