In order to find ourselves, we must travel…..

They say in order to know who you are, you must explore and experience. Those people are absolutely right. When we stay stagnant we don’t afford ourselves the opportunity to grow. To understand. To broaden our horizons. To open up our palette! (Yes I had to use that metaphor! lol) You get the point! Travel is essential!! And it’s a must in our life!

Travel gives us a moment to catch our breathe. It gives us a chance to reflect. It also provides a way to learn something new about ourselves. I love to travel. Traveling for me is a way of life. Every time I travel, I always learn something new about life. Even on an international trip, I learn something that can be implemented when I get home.

Traveling for me is a way of life…

Travel can show you how to love,and who to watch out for. Travel can show you what you deserve, and who isn’t deserving of you. Travel can show you what you’re ready for, and what needs more time for development. Travel will teach you so much!! For me travel teaches me how to be still.

At home, I’m never still. I am always on the go. I do a million things at one time, and I don’t ever get tired!!!! I feel as if I’m on a time restriction and things must be complete in order for me to feel as if my hard work was a success. I remember when I was in my Twenties, working hard placed me right in the hospital. It had me thinking that I had to prove to myself, and others that I am somebody, and I am a success story behind all the hurt and pain that life had thrown at me.

Being in that hospital for a day taught me that I was taking myself and life too seriously. In order for me to effectively live better, I had to treat myself better. One of the first ways I did that was traveling. Traveling showed me how to just live my life unapologetically, and just be in the moment. It showed me that the work that I was working myself in the ground for would still be there. Travel gave me so much peace and understanding. I am forever grateful that my body shut down and showed me what life was alllllll about!

Travel me so much peace and understanding..

Travel is imperative in my life. It gives me a moment to be grateful and thankful that I am alive. A moment to give glory to God for waking me up and live and be at peace. Travel helps me to be an even better Mommy! Travel just does it for me!!!! Travel pores into my soul, while I pore into others. It gives me that boost and capability to be full and not half empty, running on fumes trying to achieve goals. My Motto is Travel More, and Worry Less. Life happens all around us every single day. Though life may happen , we cannot allow it to happen to us. At times we want to react when we should instead just be. Travel is that just being for me. What does travel look like for you?


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