The Tiara J Brand Presents: Getting through #Quarantine2020 while being an extrovert…

So as you all know, being an extrovert is ALOT!! LOL! No, for real. Being this extra fun, loving, outgoing person can be normal for us extroverts and a bit much at times for many introverts.

Since being home during #Qurantine2020 it has become a challenge trying to stay inspired, and motivated during a time of a pandemic. It can be a job within itself. Not being able to get out and socialize freely with others is alot. Being an extrovert myself, this has been a difficult task trying to figure out ways of staying active, focused on goals, and inspired to continue to pursue dreams that were placed on pause once the world paused started to look impossible because our minds were focused on the pandemic itself.

After getting out of the mindset of not being able to do the normal things I enjoyed , I decided to come up with a few fun ideas that can keep us extroverts occupied.

When washing hands for 15 seconds sing The Light by Common chorus part and then add “I never knew a love, love, life like this. 15 seconds! 

Don’t make huge meals. Make small meals so that you have something to do each day. Play an entire album while you cook. NO TV! Bonus if you have a karaoke machine.

If you’ve been wanting to get rid of clothes you no longer wear, have a fashion show and allow your family to help decide if you will keep or toss. 

If you have children, do a tiktok challenge with them and other cousins/friends via FaceTime or have Playdates with classmates.

Family movie night! Allow your child or children to pick a movie to watch. Allow them to make the snacks. While they pick the movie and snacks set up the living room like the movies. Get blankets just in case it turns into a Family sleepover. 

Have a FaceTime or Zoom group chat with your family & friends. Try the app House party also.  As an extrovert we desire much quality social time as possible!!! 

Working out! I promise you I am one meal away Chile!!! Lol I’m trying to focus more on my dark greens and detox water HOWEVER! Lol it’s becoming increasingly difficult beyond momma’s control! Try and burn off as much as you digest each day. Preferably a 15-30 min workout. There are apps and your cable provider have a selection of different workouts to choose from on ON DEMAND. Also getting outside each day for atleast an hour walking a bike trail or to your neighborhood park by yourself or with neighbors,fam/friends can be fun and it won’t even feel like exercise because you’re enjoying getting out of the house and being able to see other people.

Besides finding the best shows to binge watch during this time, find an ebook or audible book. If you don’t have any in mind May I suggest “Dear Young Woman? (Shameless plug!) Message me to get your ebook copy. 

Instead of showers, take baths. Baths are a way to relax the day away. Again accompany it with music, wine, a book and just enjoy this idle time without it being idle. 

Have virtual game night!!! I love having Game night with my girls, family and friends and with a twist have it via Zoom. Zoom holds up to 100 so have as many on as possible!! Facebook has a new addition called Facebook Room where you can invite an unlimited amount with no time restrictions.

If you live with your significant other, partner, or spouse make it a date night! Take this time to just enjoy each other again. Tell them the things you’ve been wanting to tell them but you’ve been super busy with work, life, etc You both can cook together, or one can make the main course while the other makes the appetizer or dessert. After dinner watch a movie together, discuss goals and dreams while listening to music, or make it a throwback night and dance to old school classics guessing the artist,year it was written, or share stories of what you were doing when you first heard each song. Date night doesn’t have to be structured, just be in the moment and enjoy one another.

If you you two don’t live together, it can still be fun. Make sure to have set FaceTime calls per day checking in on one another making sure the other is okay. Cook and eat together playing some of your favorite music. Let them know that they’re on your mind and the first one you think about waking up, and the last one before you go to sleep. *Bonus* sending things via email such as letter, flowers or small tokens of appreciation can go a long way! ?

Lastly, my business owners!!! Continue to create that content. One quarantine doesn’t stop your show!!! Continue writing that book, hold conference calls with your team, produce your next podcast, radio show, huge event ( i.e. Am I Ready 2020.. Ladies Get Ready September 2020! ?) If you have a Multi Level Marketing business, master creating ways to attract your customer base. I just did a free Masterclass on how to attract, and retain new customers. I’ll be sure to share when my next Masterclass will be.

Even though we’re apart, we can still be together during this time. I hope this content helped some. Feel free to share with me your thoughts. We will get through this together.

Tiara ?

Live your life enjoy every second Queen no matter ?❤️

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