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She is Tiara J!

Waiting for Freedom to Ring

Freedom. What is it? What does it look like to you? What must be done in order for us to be free? For centuries we have prayed for our people. We have fought the good fight. We have marched until our feet went numb. 

We have begged for lives to be sparred both inside and out of the judicial system. Our blood has been shed up and down the streets that are called United. The truth of our people, our history and lineage have all been withheld due to hate. But we will have the last say, because we are God’s chosen people. But before we even get into that, let’s go back to what Freedom is, or suppose to be. 

Hopelessness is the enemy of justice. Justice allows us to stand when they want us to sit. It allows us to kneel when they think that we should stand for a flag that was made by us, but not for us.

The abolishment of slavery was in 1833, but it was only for children 6 and under that were freed immediately. It wasn’t until 1865 when it was fully abolished and the 13th Amendment was out in place. 

Some may say George Floyd was a wake up call while others the wake up has been ringing since 1619, but we’ve been pressing snooze. Probably because it hasn’t hit close to home and it doesn’t directly affect us? Or, we think if we continue proving ourselves better than it makes us better? Anyway you think about it we are still what they think we are. A group of undeserving creatures that are beneath them and will never be of equal value. But WE can change that narrative and stop asking to be accepted and begin accepting ourselves. 

We ARE GREAT. We ARE OF EQUAL/GREATER VALUE. WE ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE!!!! In order for freedom to ring we have to ring the Bell for ourselves!!!! We are what we have been praying for. We ARE THE ANSWER!!! So as Dr. King once said “Let Freedom Ring, Thank God All Mighty, Let Freedom Ring!!”