Get up for your Damn self!

On this day back in 2020, I wasn’t feeling it at all!! I had learned the day before about some gut wrenching, heartbreaking news. But I had to get up and give my all that very next day.

I didn’t want to, but guess what I did. I got up. Heartbroken and ALL! I showed up for the event, my customers, and last but not least, my damn self!

Life will Life, TRUST ME!!! No matter the circumstance, I still have to get up and show up you know what? Because somebody’s dreams and destiny are tied to my vision!

They have to see me get up and win!! If they don’t then guess what? The person that is waiting for the em to win won’t because they didn’t get up!

So you have to get up babygirl! I know it hurts! But you have to do it anyway! Do it for you, the little girl inside, and for every other woman waiting for you to show them the way!

Go do it! I can’t wait to see you win sis! 😉🥰🏆🥇

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